Recreational Mixology Class


Lights…Camera…Cocktails! Get ready for some serious fun!  It’s Mixology Course 101!

There is nothing more exciting than booking a Mixology Class at ABC Bartending,  where you will learn in a fun and relaxed atmosphere how to make a few classic or modern drinks all under the “strict” supervision of your own personal Tom Cruise (oh well, maybe not quite him, but he is charming and entertaining!)

Are you hosting a party, cocktail event, pool party or bachelorette party?  Get ready to have some fun.  Mixology class is a great way to have your guests remember your event.  Learn the beautiful art of Mixology, where we will teach you to make, shake and muddle the best cocktails in a fun and  relaxed environment!  Our tip for you? Come prepared to make and taste the best! We provide the all the needed supplies and teach you how to make the drinks and show your stuff to your friends and family!

Our sessions include a Cocktail Masterclass where you will learn to make (and taste) 3 to 4 cocktails per person under the guidance of your very own Mixologist.

Call now to sign up for the 2 hour class 480 777-2333  Only $75!

Next Class is Friday, July 15th  from 5:00PM-7:00PM

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