As a Certified Post Secondary Education Provider, ABC Bartending School wants to make sure that you, as a future student, gathers as much information as possible to help you make a great decision for your future career. Please feel free to take a look at some of our testimonials from our Bartending Graduates and see what we’re all about. You can also visit our Facebook page or just do a search on Google and look at our reviews.  No other Bartending School compares.  We hope to make you a part of our happy family here at ABC.

“When I first came to ABC, I was extremely nervous. The instructors here at ABC gave a lot of information in a short period of time, but with practice as well as studying, my over whelming feeling of being nervous became anxiousness to take the bartending exam. After taking the bartending exam I realized how much I actually learned though ABC. I received a 96% on my final.  With this grade I obtained a letter of recommendation. Id like to thank Kerry, Angi, Cosmo, and Adrianne for all their hard work and information they provided me with throughout my studies!

Kevin Conlin

“I love ABC the owner and the staff are great I moved here from New York and was looking for a new start in life.  I love the bar business so I came to ABC and they give me all of the training to get me prepared of my new adventure . Thank you ABC

Warren Pointer 

“Graduating from ABC I feel like I have the knowledge and skill to be a bartender. The instructors gave great advice on what its like to be a bartender. I have had so much fun at ABC and I have met so many amazing people. I would highly recommend the school!”

– Fernanda Padilla


Amazing staff! Makes for a fun learning environment. Joey made learning fun and creative!

-R Gagliardi

Very comfortable atmosphere.  They made me feel like family. Joey is an amazing instructor and Michell in the office was awesome! I will always speak highly of everyone at ABC Bartending!

Joey was great helping with classes and hands on.  A perfect mix. I highly recommend ABC Bartending to other people.
Sabrina C

“I have had so much fun at ABC Bartending School!  I have met so many great people and have thoroughly enjoyed the class!  I feel ready to bartend anywhere!  The instructors were a lot of fun and very helpful!  They give lots of great advice and are excellent instructors!  I highly recommend the school!  Check it out!”

– K Christman

Graduating from ABC I feel I have the knowledge and skills necessary to get a bartending job at various types of establishments.  The instructors at ABC give “Real World” advice about aspects of the profession and have a sincere desire to see students succeed.”

-K Short

Just finished my bartending final exam and i am feeling so excited and confident after these two weeks of practice. How fun to have a fully stocked bar (colored water anyway) to physically practice the 200+ recipes. Cosmo and his staff at ABC have been more than helpful and accommodating with my schedule making this more fun to learn than i could have imagined. THANK YOU for facilitating a place to confidently learn my liquors and liqueurs.”

K Martin 

“The school is really friendly and professional.  I was nervous at first but I completed it, everyone was very helpful.  I leaned a lot”
-B Quezada 

“This is a really great school. The owners are very friendly and the instructors are the best!! Really Enjoyed hanging out there and learning how to make drinks and navigate my way behind the bar. They also get you leads after to help get a bar job. I would recommend them to anyone. It is a 40 hour course and it is very fun and affordable.”
-Ted K.

“I wanted to find something I could make some extra money with, so I signed up and took the two week class. I earned my bartending certificate. They even offer free refresher courses shall I eve need to go back. The curriculum was pretty thorough, covering pretty much any bartending topic you could imagine from laws to how to set up.”
-Cristal P.

Hello, I recently finished bartending classes and I am happy to report that AMC esplanade has hired me as a bartender. Thank you for your education and job preparation tips!”
-Jeanette C.

This is not just a school. This is a tool for life! The staff is amazing, the curriculum is easy to understand and taught in fun and practical ways. I first attended the school in 2008 where I received my certification and then my state liquor license and received job opportunities immediately! After going back into the Corporate world for a few years, I was quickly welcomed back to ABC Bartending School for a refresher course and on site practice time to renew my skills and knowledge. The second time around not only helped me come up to speed quickly with new drink recipes, provided ‘behind the bar’ hands on experience again, but also renewed my confidence and love for the hospitality industry. The instructors and staff are knowledgeable, professional and eager to assist in the success of their students. I will continue to utilize this school as my life tool as I grow to be the best bartender I can be.”
-Selena I.

“Thank you ABC Bartending and Casino Dealing School!!! 
Just took my final exam, and I wanted to thank all of you for the hard work you put into making this a great experience! I graduated from ABC bartending school and I’m now a bartender for the third best catering company in central Ohio!
-Caitlin C.