Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is ABC Bartending School different than the other(s) available?
This is probably the most important and best question anyone could ask! It’s all about the quality of the education. Because we are licensed by the State of Arizona for Post Secondary Education, our standards are higher than other Bartending Schools in the State. When your education is complete, you will be ready to interview and start working at any bar, anywhere. Our facility is top notch. Real ice (others don’t spend the money to do this and their ice is plastic and dirty), real Point of Sale System (expensive for us, but worth it to make sure our graduates are ready to work), real soda guns and bar equipment, real bottles and glassware (others use plastic!). On site Title 4 classes. You don’t have to waste your time to find somewhere else to go.

And you won’t get any high pressure sales tactics from ABC Bartending School.  Visit us and then visit another school.  Take a tour.  Watch and talk to our current students.  Read our reviews online.  Check out our Facebook Page.  We promise you, there is no comparison.

2. How long does it take to complete the course?
The ABC bartending program at the Phoenix School takes about 40 total hours.  Instructor lead class time is 32 hours.  The additional hours are practice time at the school.  Some students learn the skills to graduate in just the 32 hour class time, while others need a little extra practice.

There are four different cycles to choose from:
We start classes every Monday and every Saturday

Monday-Thursday 1-5 OR 6-10 = 2 weeks
Saturday & Sunday 9am-5pm = 2 weekends
Monday-Thursday 1-5 & 6-1- = 1 week.

3. How old do I have to be in order to bartend?
For the state of Arizona, you only need to be 18 in order to serve alcohol.

4. What do I receive after I complete the course?
We are licensed with the State Board for Private Post Secondary Education. This means we have met regulations and standards required by the state. Once you have completed the course, you will receive a certificate of completion from us. For those who graduate with honors, a letter of recommendation is also given.   No other Bartending School in the State offers these features.

5. What does the course entail?
Each student will receive orientation about the school and it’s policies. We will cover basic information such as bar equipment, usage, cleaning procedures, opening and closing a bar, etc. There are also 14 mixology lessons along with some Point of Sales system experience, legal aspects of bartending, customer service, interviewing, and resume building. You will also have the opportunities to mix and prepare your own cocktails, with our real live full bar. We also have an online supplementary course you can buy and access at home. 

6. Do you offer job placement?
We offer a password protected area on our website for all of our graduates to go to weekly. These leads are updated every week & researched thoroughly. They are local establishments that are hiring bartenders, as well as locations that have contacted us, looking for bartenders. This includes restaurants, dive bars, lounges, night clubs, hotels, resorts, casinos, staffing companies, and even for private events. Local bars and restaurants contact us for quality bartenders and we work with these businesses to prepare our students for their new job.

7. What other services do you offer? 
ABC Bartending Schools are located across the nation. Visit for more information on nationwide schools. This mean we will all honor your certificate anytime anywhere. As a service to our graduates, you can feel free to come back and practice whenever you need and want for free. You will also receive job leads for lifetime. If you should move to another state with an ABC Bartending School, these services will extend to you at no charge too! You will not receive this service with any other school  We will also work with you directly to build your resume and suggest how you should dress and speak for your interview. 

8. Do you offer workshops?
YES! We pride ourselves on our ability to create a foundation for you and stay current with new industry drinks. We offer additional workshops on the Point of Sales systems, the Title IV/ DLLC Certificate, Flair Bartending, Tequila Seminars, Wine Seminars, Sake seminars, Beer Seminars and Champagne seminars. All these courses are to supplement your education in order to help you become the bartender you want to be. Please visit our registration page for more detailed information on these individual workshops.

9. Do you offer financial aid?
We use PayPal and they have a 6 month payment plan where there are minimum payments due each month with no interest, if you qualify on our website under registration.